Basic Principles Of Lawn Care

Most of people think that all they need to do about lawn is to plant it, water it from time to time and to trim it periodically. But, the truth is that if you tend to have a nice and quality lawn, you will need to give it a lot of care, tinder and attention. It is also known that every lawn demands some time to be spent on maintenance, a set of some specialized tools, good preparations and after all, all of these should be conducted well and professional.

So, after we determined that having a lawn is not just mowing and watering, we will list some other obligations that should be performed to have a nice and healthy lawn.

Mowing and triming the edges – There’s nothing special to say about mowing, but trimming of the edges is something that must be done from time to time, to prevent spreading of the lawn on some other surfaces, such as flowers area or paths in the garden.


Spraying against weeds – No matter how hard you try to avoid them, weeds will still find their way to reach to your lawn, it is, therefore, necessary to spot them on time and treat with chemical substances or remove them manually by twitching.

Overseeding – It is needed in some less sunny areas or shadows of trees, and it should be performed to keep the lawn to look like a unified whole.


Fertilization – Best looks and performance, lawn must be fertilized from time to time with some mineral fertilizer.

Spraying against insects
– Chigoes just love nice green lawn, so periodical spraying against them is needed. There are also mosquitos, and some other pests that would gladly settle down in your beautiful lawn and spray really need to be performed from time to time, especially in spring time.

Healing – There are many bacteria that can attack your lawn, so you need to be aware of that, to be able to recognize if it is attacked by any bacteria, and to perform proper spraying or other treatment against it.

However, first warm days in the spring are forcing us to seek for shade in our backyard. So, it is desirable to plan your lawn to have at least one tree which will provide fine shade for placing garden chairs and table as a place for resting and relaxation. Most of the people are looking for an adult tree, but actually, the point is to raise it from the beginning. It happens that several years pass while people are searching for an adult tree instead of planting it right on the beginning.

So, after you pick a fine location in your lawn, you should plan a tree immediately, and you will see that in a year or two, you will get nice shade in the summer time. Those years pass very quickly, so don’t hesitate, plant your tree as soon as you can. If you need help about choosing the species, or the location for your tree, feel free to consult with nearest tree service in your place of living.